Five Ways to Be Healthy in the Winter

Winter is on the way, and at this time of the year, the weather can make people feel a little low in mood, and lacking energy and motivation. At this time of the year, it is natural to be a bit lower in energy, after all nature is starting to go to sleep, and much of the animal kingdom will hibernate through this period of time.

In order to stay mentally well throughout the winter, here are some of the things that you can focus on as we head into the dark…

Get a Lightbox – Seasonal affective disorder is a common problem, and it is caused by a lack of natural daylight. One way that you can rectify this is by using a lightbox. This works by mimicking natural daylight which your brain will then respond positively too.

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Eat Well – It is particularly important to take care of our health over the winter. The connection between the brain and the gut really does mean that you are what you eat, so make sure that you are eating healthy foods that are not over processed. Try to eat local seasonal produce too, as this is better for your body.

Take up a Hobby – Something that can really help with mental wellbeing is taking up a hobby. It gives you a passion and something to focus on and learn. There are lots of things that you could do from learning a new language to getting a knitting kit like this which will give you a healthy focus and is something that you can do indoors.

Get Outdoors – Although it is natural to spend more time indoors to escape the cold and the rain outside, going out and about can really help to lift your mood. The natural world is beautiful in the autumn and the winter, so wrap up warm and go for a walk in the countryside.

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Take Vitamins – Taking supplements can help you to stay healthy in the winter and helps to fight off those winter illnesses. Vitamin D is a good thing to take as our bodies get it naturally from sunlight, something that is in short supply at this time of the year! Vitamin C is also good as it helps the immune system to fight all those winter bugs.

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