7 activities to relax and get rid of stress

I proposed that you mark yourself as one of your goals for this year dedicate a few minutes a day. Have a moment for you, to relax your mind, your body, reduce your anxiety and feel better. Well, in today’s article I want to provide you with some tools and propose 7 activities to relax and relieve stress.

7 activities to relax


If you are not a regular reader, I recommend that you mark an OMV (Minimum Viable Objective) very easy to maintain, such as reading 10 pages each day . It will be enough for you to disconnect, relax and enjoy those minutes without seeing them as a burden. Also, if you want your child to read, there is nothing better than starting by being their example.

Also, if you have trouble sleeping, reading can be a great ally for you to relax before bed.

Enjoy an infusion and / or a snack

A few minutes of silence with a warm drink and that you like, accompanied by a small snack are enough to reduce revolutions if you feel nervous. Set a schedule, set your alarm and take that little break. You will see how you feel more calm and in a better mood. Today there are hundreds of varieties of infusions within reach of all pockets. It’s a matter of trying and finding one with which you really enjoy the taste. Drink it by practicing mindfulness. Concentrate on its flavor and temperature and pay attention to what effects it has on your body.

Listen to relaxing music

How could I live more than 30 years without Spotify? I still can not explain it to myself (right now I’m listening to the list ” relax unwind “). Music has the power to change our mood. Finish your day and give yourself a few minutes of calm, lying down, in which you enjoy music with your eyes closed . So simple … and so effective.

Draw, write, paint, weave …

Surely there is some manual activity that relaxes you . And if you have not found it yet … Take a few minutes a day to find it! Almost all of us have some craft that has that power to connect us with “the here and now,” which is what mindfulness is all about. Practicing that hobbie a little while each day is investing in health.


activities to relaxAs I pointed out in the previous point, it is not necessary to sit on a lotus flower to meditate. To meditate is to focus our attention on something that is happening here and now. It can be our breathing, it can be the flame of a candle, or it can be the drawing that we are coloring. At this particular point I recommend you try to perform some guided meditation . I already mentioned in my previous post that I use this free app (in English) to practice a few minutes of meditation every day.

Do some gentle exercise

A few small stretches, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting, will be great to relax and feel better. In my case, I recommend the practice of Qigong . It’s my favorite discipline, without a doubt. An activity to relax both physically, mentally and emotionally.

Walk outdoors

Another way to practice mindfulness in movement. Just walk. Feel the air on your face, your breathing, the feel of your feet with the ground, the grass or the sand (you do not need to get undone, although it would be great if you could do it). Observe the trees around you, the people you cross … you do not have to judge anything or think anything, just walk and pay attention to that moment .

Remember that whenever you invest in your well-being, you are investing in the welfare of the children around you. Being happy, far from being an act of selfishness, is the best thing you can do for your children and / or students.

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