5 Effective Ways to Increase the Oxygen Levels

Having plenty of oxygen flowing in your bloodstream is crucial, because it can help you feel healthier and it will help you fight off illnesses. Moreover, oxygen flow is critical for restoration of bones, organs and other essential physiological functions. There are a lot of reasons why you may be suffering from low oxygen flow, or hypoxia. One of those reasons may be sleep apnea, which causes decreased blood flow and can lead to a number of deleterious health conditions. Low oxygen flow may also be occurring from low blood pressure. Indeed, there are a few ways to go about measuring blood oxygen level, but actually finding some ways to increase those levels is a different story. You may have to exercise, you may have to treat an illness or you may just want to live more meditatively. Reducing stress is critical for the sake of making sure your entire wellbeing is in a state of equilibrium. Here are five effective ways to increase the oxygen levels.

  1. Eat Better

One great way to increase oxygen levels is to eat better. Ideally, you want to eat a lot of greens and iron rich foods. Moreover, you want to eat fruit with antioxidants, which will help blood flow and oxygen flow. This will be immensely helpful for boosting the oxygen in your bloodstream.

  1. Treat Sleep Apnea

Another way to increase blood flow is to treat sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition that causes your oxygen levels to be cut off due to temporary blockages in your airways. Throughout the night, you may suffer from hundreds of these cessations, or apneas, in your breathing. When you treat sleep apnea, you can actually reduce the number of apneas, so that you are getting the ample amount of oxygen that you need.

  1. Meditate

Meditation is also important, because if you are stressed out, you will start to suffer from low oxygen levels and a number of other problems. Fortunately, there are a number of easy ways to meditate – from taking a few minutes during the day to take deep breaths and clear your mind to taking a yoga class. The more you breathe and let things go, your blood oxygen level will return to normal.

  1. Reduce Sodium in Your Diet

Another reason why you may be suffering from low oxygen levels is because you are overloading on sodium. Sodium can actually cause an imbalance in blood pressure, which can reduce oxygen levels. If you simply reduce sodium in your diet, you can bring your oxygen levels back to normal. It may take a while to reduce your desire for salt, but it will be important for your health.

  1. Place Plants and Trees Around Your Home

On top of everything, you may want to place plants and trees around your home. If you live in a small place, sometimes the carbon dioxide levels are higher than normal. If you simply place trees and plants in strategic places, you will bring the oxygen levels in your living space and in your body back to homeostasis.

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