Villains and their lairs, heroes and their dens.

Have you noticed when watching any superhero film or television series that all the villain’s hideout in their lairs and the heroes tend to be found safely ensconced in their dens?  The Jocker for example, has his dark lair where he and his henchmen plot to bring down their archenemy Superman.

Bruce Wayne as he is known to all his friends is often found safely hidden away in his den the Bat cave, where his side-kick Robin and right-hand man Alfred Pennyworth, (Batman’s butler and confidant) work together for the good of the people of Gotham to bring the Jocker to justice.  Batman rides around the city in his souped up Batmobile car, rounding up the villains and bringing them to trial.  At the end of his long day he hides the car behind secret Garage Doors Swindon, installed by a company such as  so that his enemies can’t locate him.  Depicted as the arch nemesis of Superman, Lex Luthor with his genius level intellect and deadly Kryptonite ring, secretes himself away in his lair hidden inside the giant LexCorp offices while his arch enemy Superman, better known as mild mannered reporter, Clark Kent, has the Offices of the Daily Planet newspaper as his den.

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The villains use their secret lairs to plot and scheme dastardly new ways to bring down their superhero enemies.  They get up to all sorts of evil deeds, make bombs, tie up innocent victims and generally have a great time. The lair of the least likely looking villain, (Doctor Otto Octavius) is filled with machines and weapons that are created with nuclear technology and cybernetics.  He has a pot belly and a bowl style haircut but don’t let that fool you!  Fused to his spine are four super-strong appendages made of metal, so he is incredibly strong. His superhero enemy is Spiderman, better known as Peter Parker and his den is his little flat situated in a normal building in Queens, New York.

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Villains always seem to have the most fun, running around a city causing mayhem and havoc, but at the end of the day it’s the superhero who wins the final epic battle.  The villain retreats to their lair to lick his wounds and start plotting all over again, while the superhero removes their disguise and goes back to living an ordinary seemingly boring life.

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