Preventing Dog Theft

One of the largest types of crime that has been on the rise over the past two years is dog theft. The pandemic saw a boom in dog ownership, with many people suddenly spending a lot of time at home, and this led to a high demand for puppies.

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As the prices of puppies rose higher and higher, this did not go unnoticed by criminals, and the prospect of making a lot of money through dog breeding sadly led to inhumane practices, and a lot of puppy farming activities going on. Because of the high prices for dogs, this also led to dog thefts, with dogs and puppies being stolen from gardens, as well as when out on walks.

To ensure that you and your dog are safe, here are some of the things that are advised to prevent you from being the victim of a dog theft…

Secure your Garden – Many dogs that are stolen are taken from their own gardens, so this is the first thing to make sure that you have in place. Garden security is important for the safety of your dog, so make it hard to enter and for people to see into. Plant thick bushes around the perimeter and make sure that the fences and walls are in good repair. If it is easy to access the garden from the front of your home, someone like this electric gate company could provide you with the security you need.

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Beware of Strangers – If people are coming up to you and asking about your dog, it is most probably innocent, but have an awareness and keep a firm hold of your dog when this happens. You should also be careful of what you post on social media, as this could be a way for thieves to target certain dogs.

Keep an eye on your Dog when Out and About – When you are out walking, you shouldn’t leave your dog unattended. Be aware of where it is at all times. If you are in a town, don’t leave it tied up whilst you pop into a shop, as this is an easy way for a thief to take it from you.

Report anything Suspicious – If you have noticed anything suspicious in your area, report it to the police.

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