5 Essential Questions to Ask Your Equipment Supplier Before Purchasing

industrial equipment supplier

Whether upgrading your restaurant kitchen equipment or expanding an existing food processing line, any investment in new production equipment can be significant. Ensuring the equipment will be a good fit for your short-term and long-term business needs is essential.

Ask your equipment supplier these five essential questions to ensure a sound investment.

Can You Build To My Spec?

A comprehensive specification sheet is optimal for an equipment supplier to design and engineer a tailored system to meet your needs. Knowing your production volume, materials, and electrical needs allows them to create a fully integrated system that will fit into your facility. A custom solution is often the best option and can save money in the long run because it’s built for your specific needs.

What Is Your Warranty & Maintenance Policy?

It’s essential to know the terms of your warranty before you buy any equipment. A manufacturer should be able to provide you with a comprehensive warranty and service plan. The terms should be clear and understandable to avoid confusion, whether a maintenance contract or an extended warranty.

Additionally, inquire about the installation charges if the equipment requires installation or integration with your existing machinery. Are these fees included in your purchase, or are they billed separately? When investing in substantial equipment, exploring potential value-added benefits, such as reduced maintenance expenses, may accompany bulk purchases from a cleaning products supplier is beneficial.

Where Are Your Support Teams Based?

Even if you’re buying an “off the shelf” standardized piece of equipment, chances are you’ll need to contact your OEM for service at some point in its lifetime. Maintaining a good relationship with your equipment manufacturer and getting the necessary service depends on how simple it is to contact them. Whether it’s to answer technical questions or replace an old part, having easy access to your equipment supplier will save you time and money in the long term.

Do You Offer Financing?

Purchasing high-quality grain handling infrastructure isn’t cheap, and many farmers can’t afford to pay for it all upfront. A simple and affordable financing option can help alleviate this initial financial burden, allowing more farmers to make the purchase they need to succeed.

Do You Offer Any Other Value-Added Services?

Asking about additional services makes gauging a company’s commitment to its customers easy. For example, some manufacturers offer inspection and testing before shipment, giving you the peace of mind that your equipment will arrive in good condition. Others provide specialized ingredient testing that addresses issues like bulk density, angle of repose, and particle size. Lastly, some manufacturers offer value-added services like training, project management, and consulting.

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