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Get married-You have decided to take the big step! But if you want to celebrate your link beyond our borders, pay attention to the requirements you need to process the marriage and enjoy a very special wedding in another country.

One of the original ideas for weddings that will surprise your guests most will be the fact of celebrating the great day abroad. The bride and groom will have to look for the best professionals of the place. Especially the woman protagonist, who will have to choose which professional will carry out the  wedding hairstyle  that she has chosen. As well as find a florist that creates the bridal bouquet that she so desires. But do you know the requirements you need to get married in another country?

Paperwork and papers to get married

the  get married

If you wish to give you the “yes, I want” away from the everyday life of your place of residence. And that, in some way, everything is lived as in a movie. You have the option of get married in a foreign country that surrounds your beautiful link. Surely it will require a little more paperwork and previous efforts. But with a call to the consulate or to the embassy of the corresponding country you will be able to solve the majority of doubts.

Before taking a plane and “escapes” to make a lightning link, you must have clear documentation that you need in the country that you have chosen. And, even, know if later legalizing the wedding in Spain will be a simple procedure. And once chosen the place. You will have to consult the tourist office of the corresponding country and the official estate that is in charge of the registration of marriages.

In order for the marriage made in any foreign country to be valid. You must register it in the civil registry of your city. And in the event that you are going to live in the country that has received you to marry. But you also want it to be legal in Spain. You will have to request the registration of the marriage in the consular civil registry closest to the place where the wedding took place. Oh, and of course, passports must be in force.

As in Spain, in most countries will be essential birth certificates, national identity document, certificates of single and the presence of two witnesses. These documents are not always in Spanish. So you may need a sworn translation.

In case it was not, the procedures will be a little slower because it will require the recognition of the signature by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Legalization departments of the embassy of the embassy.


France, Portugal, England, Scotland and Ireland are countries that require a residence period of 30 to 40 days from one of the contracting parties. In Italy, however, you only need to be of legal age, have a valid passport and pay the corresponding fee for the marriage license.

In London, for example, it is necessary to carry out a preliminary procedure called Notice of marriage. Which amounts to approximately 35 pounds for each member of the couple. In addition to other subsequent costs, such as the fee for the marriage. ceremony or the reservation in the registry office.


Although the requirements in the United States vary depending on the state. It is very common for some to require a blood test to inform the parties of possible diseases. It is not the case of Las Vegas, which is still one of the wedding destinations that increases visits every year.

In addition to religious and civil weddings, the chapels also offer thematic links. The cost of the license is 55 dollars. But if you want to validate the marriage you will also need the marriage certificate. And the apostille, which have a cost of 30 dollars. Another state that does not require witnesses is Florida.

As in any other state of the United States, you must present some identification. Such as your passport or driver’s license.

Latin America

The requirements vary from one country to another depending on their civil code but, in the majority. It is mandatory to celebrate the civil marriage prior to the religious ceremony. Contact the consulate or embassy of the chosen destination. They will be in charge of resolving any doubt that you may have. And of indicating which procedures you should perform.

Jamaica is one of the destinations that is most prepared for foreigners’ weddings. By making the marriage license online on the website of the Tourism Office of Jamaica (JTB). In addition, it will be possible to celebrate the great day in different places full of charm. As in a space overlooking the cliffs of the Seven Mile Beach. Aboard a catamaran that crosses the crystal clear waters. In a tropical garden, like the Shaw Park Gardens , or at any of the resorts and hotels on the island.

The moment your loved ones receive the wedding invitations. Can you imagine them with the emotion of wearing their party dresses on the plane? It is something that, without doubt, will not leave any of your family and friends indifferent. It will be a great adventure, do not doubt it!

Original ideas for beach weddings

If you plan get married in the Dominican Republic, you should know that the law of the island recognizes two types of marriage: the civil, which is contracted according to the precepts of the law; and the religious, celebrated in accordance with the norms of Canon Law. Most of the resorts, through their specialists or wedding planners, offer different plans to celebrate your wedding according to a rite or another with the good taste and all the services that the occasion deserves.

Finally, get married is the happiest day of your life is largely the company. Your partner, your family and your friends. But without doubt, the setting chosen for such an important event has a lot to do with the quality of that memory. Among the original ideas for weddings that will make your big day the most special moment of your life. The first one should focus on the place of the event.

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