7 delicious light oatmeal cake recipes

Oats is one of the ingredients that can not be missing in any type of diet. It has a high nutritional value, is quite versatile in the preparation of food and is a source of healthy energy. Rich in fiber and gluten-free, it is perfect for making delicious light oatmeal cake recipes. See some appetizing suggestions that you can experience. You just have to click on the title of the recipe!

8 Oatmeal cake recipes

A cake is, barely, one of the ways to consume oatmeal in the day to day. Then, buy a grade package, use it for different recipes and try a light oat cake each time.

Oatmeal cake with banana

Oatmeal cake with banana

Oats and banana combine perfectly well. This recipe is wonderful because it is healthy, nutritious and cinnamon gives it an irresistible aroma.

This recipe is much simpler than the previous one. If you like apple and want to eat a rich and light dessert, this cake can be a good option. One of the star ingredients that give a different flavor is cereals. Therefore, do not forget to include them.

Oatmeal and carrot cake

Oatmeal and carrot cake

Although it may not seem like it, this recipe is healthy. Everything will depend on the version of the ingredients you choose. For example, instead of using common flour, use wholemeal flour. If you really like sweets, you can add a chocolate topping. Of course, keep in mind that this must have 70% of cocoa since the cigar is the healthiest.

Light oatmeal cake with orange and poppy seeds

oatmeal cake with orange

The mixture of orange with oats and poppy seeds makes this cake always a great bet. As for the texture it is between soft, fluffy and crispy thanks to the seeds. The icing that is made with orange juice and icing sugar to cover the sponge cake is the final touch to this dessert.

Light oatmeal cake with nuts

oatmeal cake with nuts

One of the virtues of this light oatmeal biscuit with nuts is how easy it is to make it. Not being a heavy cake, it can be taken both at breakfast, as a snack or as a dessert. This can accompany the 1,000 wonders with a hot tea or coffee.

Vegan cake with oatmeal, chocolate and berries

Vegan cake with oatmeal


Luckily, there are more and more products and recipes for vegans. An example is this tasty sponge cake. One of the advantages of this cake is that it is very versatile. Therefore, you can permute the compote of raspberries for another flavor that you like more.

Oatmeal, lemon and yogurt cake

Oatmeal, lemon and yogurt cake

Lemon is a citrus that is included in many desserts due to the sour taste it has. It also serves as a contrast to other foods, which helps make meals more spectacular. In this case, when combined with oats and yogurt, you can make a delicious cake.

Oatmeal cake with Thermomix

Oatmeal cake with Thermomix

The Thermomix is ​​one of the appliances that most help both in the kitchen and in the bakery. The ingredients of this cake are easy to find and thanks to the Thermomix it will take 5 minutes to prepare it. Once in the machine, the cooking time is 45 minutes.

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