Best travel gadgets 2018

Best travel gadgets 2018

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We are fully engaged in the summer, where we all take the opportunity to travel both for the good weather (unless traveling to the southern hemisphere, where they are in the middle of winter) or because we coincide with the famous summer holidays. We share the best travel gadgets 2018.

Whether it’s the trips we’ll make this summer or the ones that are to come in the remainder of the year, here we bring you the best selection of gadgets that will help us have everything under control in our adventure, and many of them will even make our lives easier. It is the best travel gadgets 2018.

E-ReadersBest travel gadgets 2018

It may seem like an obvious choice, but it is not. If you like to read and for some reason, you do not have a tablet on hand or prefer a reading experience closer to paper, e-readers will be your best friends. They support multiple formats, the electronic ink makes us forget that we are reading in an electronic device and we can have hundreds of books stored in the same device. That without forgetting the long battery life, a common feature in these devices, whose duration is sometimes weeks with a daily use. Endless bus trips will no longer be the same!

Suitcase scaleBest travel gadgets 2018

If we are going to check in luggage or carry a suitcase, we know that we have a certain weight allowed in each suitcase that we are going to check in and/or take on the plane. That is why it is convenient to know how much our suitcase weighs, both on the way out and on the way back. The trip is easier because we usually have a scale at home, and we can weigh it before we leave. But on the way back, with everything that we will surely have bought in our destination, we need to check that we do not exceed the allowed weight. This is complicated because in hotels  (or camping, or rental houses) is not usual to have scales, but everything is much easier with a portable suitcase scale. It weighs little, goes to batteries, and tells us the weight in several units. What more can we ask?

Ninja WalletBest travel gadgets 2018

The non-electronic gadget par excellence. Whether we’re traveling to the mountains or going to grandma’s house in the city, this small tool the size of a credit card can save the trip. With bottle openers, screwdrivers, Allen keys, centimeters and inches meter, fruit peeler and many other things, it will be the most useful tool we can carry in the portfolio. And we can take it in hand luggage because it has no edge. Checked! It is the best travel gadgets 2018.

Adapter plugsBest travel gadgets 2018

Another essential, especially if we are traveling to a country outside of Europe (without counting the UK). Not having an adapter from the first moment can make us lose a day and not be able to load our devices, bad matter if we depend on Google Maps. The best option is a universal adapter with multiple males and females. So that we can use it on all trips regardless of the type of plug. It is the best travel gadgets 2018.

Power BanksBest travel gadgets 2018

We have already talked about them in this blog on multiple occasions. The Power Banks or portable batteries can also save us from the confusion of not carrying the appropriate plug adapter, or if we do not have access to electricity on excursions or long hours trips. We have several capacities to choose from, and we will have to bear in mind that the weight. And dimensions of the battery will depend on its capacity: A greater capacity, bigger and heavier. The average term would be in a device of 10000 or 12000 mAh, enough battery to charge our smartphone or tablet a couple of days and that also does not take up too much space or weigh much. It is the best travel gadgets 2018.

Plus: Scooter suitcaseBest travel gadgets 2018

If we do not mind spending a little more, we have the option of moving around the airport at full speed mounted in our suitcase, and never again have to run to get to the boarding gate. It has lithium batteries, can reach speeds of 12 kilometers per hour and with a load, you can roll up to 8 kilometers. At the moment it is a Kickstarter project. And it has a few thousand dollars left to reach the pre-sale goal. But we are sure that it will reach the airports in a very short time. Without a doubt, it is among the most curious gadgets.

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